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Jan 19th, 2011 - 21:48:14

Golf Betting – A Highly Profitable Business

A person who has been in the betting business for a reasonable period of time would vouch for the fact that golf betting is one of the most exciting things under the sun. Added to the excitement is the potential for high rewards. One of the primary reasons for this is the money involved in golf tournaments. These tournaments quite often produce highly rewarded winners. A golf field is usually populated with nearly 150 players, with all of them gunning for the top spot. In such a circumstance, when you bet on the right player, you stand to gain an enormous sum of money. There are times when the odds of 100/1 produce extremely fruitful results. There have been instances when players have won with pre-tournament odds of over 600/1. Although backing the right player can be a tad complicated, betting on a player or a couple of them in a single season can be supremely rewarding.


There are certain things that you would want to consider while betting on a game. The easiest part would be the elimination of players from your consideration list based on poor form or inconsistent/unknown past performance. Over 60% of the players would have never finished in the leader board and it wouldn’t be a hard task to strike them off your list. These are players who play to make their ends meet, with not so much a passion as the desire to earn as much as possible by producing streaks of inconsistently brilliant performances. This is one of the primary reasons why the top 30-40 players always remain in their positions unless they sit out for a season or two owing to personal reasons or other issues. If you skim through the results of the US PGA golf tour results, you would find that the list of winners hasn’t changed much. In addition to the top 5, there would be a few other players with a consistent record in the leader board. The easiest part then would be to place a two-fold bet where you back the position as well as the win. You can pick the top 4-5 players based on your evaluation of their consistency and past records and bookies would pay you for all Each Way(E/W) bets in case your chosen players have finished top 4-5 in the leader board. This is a very profitable way of picking your bets. Sometimes, you can even back 8-9 players in case there are no bookie rules against it. With certain bookmakers, it is also possible to bet on ‘Place Only’ where you would get a payout in case the players you have backed have performed well. These are safe bets with a lot going in your favor than against.


One of the primary reasons for the high rewards in Golf betting is the fact that you do not necessarily have to bet on a winner to make profits. You can play it safe and yet expect a reasonable payout. Another reason why it is so popular is the option of playing your bets while the play is on. In case you had bet on a player to win a season at high odds prior to the start of the tournament, you can always lay your selection to make a profit if the player’s odds fall after a good performance. You can also lay a part of your original bet for increased odds on your bet. So, your inflated odds are in a great position to fetch you a win.

By Gamble
Jun 10, 2008, 05:15
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