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Jan 19th, 2011 - 21:48:14

MLB Betting Tips

While some indulge in such gambles to make money and some do it to add excitement to a game they enjoy, there are many loyal supporters who bet on their favorite teams irrespective of its winning percentage or the point spread.

As MLB makes a fresh entry in 2008, there are innumerable bettors that will lose out on a lot of money because of insufficient knowledge of baseball betting itself. This is depressing news considering the fact that baseball is one of the easiest sports to handicap and thus is one of the few ways in which baseball fans and loyal supporters can continue enjoying this sport without losing out by being sharp bettors who equate baseball betting with investing on the stock markets.

In order to become successful bettors, its is essential not only to have a good understanding and keep track of every game but diligent baseball handicappers will also have to familiarize themselves with some basic rules and betting tips that act as a guideline for increasing their winning chances.

Unlike many other types of sports betting, baseball betting does not involve point spreads. Instead, it involves the Money Lines which represent the odds in terms of dollars. These odds are classified into Favorite and Underdog. In case of favorite, the bettor wagers more than a dollar to win a dollar and in case of underdog, the bettor lays a dollar to win more than a dollar. As baseball betting lines are expressed as dollars with cents, odds of -1.45 and -145 hold the same value. An odd of -1.45 is a favorite in which the bettor has wagered that much to win $1 and an odd of +1.45 is an underdog where the bettor wagers $1 to win $1.45.

While most bettors may not know, all baseball betting lines are not created equally. It is most profitable to play on a Dime Line or a 10-cent line than on a 20-cent line. Though the difference in returns would be a meager ten cents, it is not necessary to elaborate here how many hundreds of dollars it would add up to in course of the long baseball season.

As a pitcher is important in the game, it also holds importance in baseball betting. Listed Pitcher baseball betting involves betting on a listed pitcher of both teams to start a game by throwing his teamís opening pitch. If any of the listed pitchers are unable to pitch the first pitch, the wagered amount is refunded to bettors as it has no action.

Specify team pitcher bet requires betting on a starting pitcher only for the favored team which is profitable if the favored teamís pitcher starts the game irrespective of whether or not the other teamís pitcher  started the game or not.

If betting is done on the baseball team without considering starting pitchers of both teams, such a bet is called Team Action in which the odds can be altered with a change in the listed pitchers. Similarly, in Team action against listed pitcher,  the bet is placed on one team and if the listed pitcher for the opposing team starts the game, the bet is profitable irrespective of the bet teamís listed pitcher being able to start the game or not.

While Totals is an accumulated sum of the runs scored by both teams in the entire game, it also includes extra innings. Baseball totals betting involves betting if the total number of runs is either above or below the bookmakerís prediction. However, in order for a total bet to take place it is necessary for both listed pitchers to start the game failing which, wagers are all refunded as the game total bet will have no action.

Run lines also depend on listed pitchers, are basically a combination of money lines and point spreads and as a rule of the thumb, a favored team on the money line is also favored on the run line.

While these are specific baseball betting tips to help u win this season, it must be kept in mind that sportsí betting is most fun when it does not cross more than one can afford to lose.

By Gamble Index
Aug 30, 2008, 22:29
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