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Jan 19th, 2011 - 21:48:14

Manchester United vs Chelsea – The Titans Lock Horns Again

The match between Manchester United and Chelsea is the most-awaited of the season for obvious reasons. And from first looks, it is impossible to pick a winner. There are several reasons for this. Christiano Ronaldo is playing better than he ever did and as we all know, he is a big match performer. A lot is expected of him for this match and with drastic improvement in his game, people are keeping their fingers crossed. Ronaldo’s biggest opponents will be Ashley Cole and John Terry. The Chelsea guys are raring to go and in all likelihood, they are going to give Manchester United a run for its money. Boulahrouz and Ferreira will certainly have their task cut out against the wily Brazilian campaigner.


Manchester United will also bank on its star players - Giggs, Saha, Rooney and Scholes. They make the most potent attack seen in the Premier League. However, Chelsea will not wilt under pressure, especially because Sheva, Drogba, Lampard and Cole are playing quite well. Yet, we believe that the firepower is not as good as we expect of the Chelsea attack.


Chelsea has the resources to drive Manchester United to the wall and this is one of the major reasons why the match is so unpredictable. The bench of Manchester United is not as strong as Chelsea. Makelele, Essien, Lampard and Ballack are as good a bench strength as it can get. On the other hand, Manchester has Carrick, Scholes, Darren Fletcher and John O’Shea as bench strength, which doesn’t look good enough for a big game.


Manchester United’s defense looks pretty good, too. However, the team has to attack early and press home the advantage if it hopes to come good against a quality side like Chelsea. The latter has a reputation of turning the game on its head in the final stages and this is something United should be careful about.


Jose Mourinho’s side has the discipline to go full-out on its attempt to win a game. Chelsea’s fighting spirit has always been admired and it is sure that they wouldn’t give in without a fight. Each player in the side has a role to play and history tells us that the team has been served well by its boys. This is one critical aspect that is missing in United. The discipline simply seems to be absent. With no good defensive midfielders at its disposal, there is enough reason to believe that Manchester United hasn’t trained its boys well. It will be Chelsea’s discipline versus United’s skill on the ground.


As discussed, United’s midfield is a cause for concern. All Chelsea has to do is press the advantage by pushing United’s midfield to the maximum possible extent. And if Chelsea manages to do that, United will certainly be up against a formidable opponent. The game will tilt in favor of Chelsea in that case. On the other hand, Chelsea appears to go over-the-top with its defense most of the time. They tend to contain themselves to a limited area in the ground, something the opponents take advantage of. The only solution is using Robben and Joe Cole effectively.  With Evra and Neville to assist Ronaldo and Giggs, United has the most effective flank, an aspect that is far superior to Chelsea.


Additionally, the lack of Petr Cech has weakened Chelsea’s defense. The team would have wanted a Gallas, but they would have to be content with Cudicini for now.


Each of the teams has its own strengths and weaknesses. And it goes without saying that the team playing to the best of its ability will be the ultimate winner.

By Craig
Sep 21, 2007, 09:48
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