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Jan 19th, 2011 - 21:48:14

NBA Betting tips - Sports Betting Online

In case you want to bet on the NBA leagues and profit from the same, you may want to know some finer aspects of the betting process. Like any other game, betting on NBA has its own rules and regulations and the nuances include knowing strategies and information that is up to date. However, there are major differences between betting on say, football and the NBA. We will look at some of these factors that drive betting on NBA leagues.


As such, the American audience is split between the Sunday super bowls and the NBA leagues. It is a fact that people prefer action on the weekend rather than on other days. Thus, the betting on NBA involves big money coupled with some serious action. One of the differences between betting on NBA and football is that NBA has more games spread across the season as compared to the football leagues. So, even if the betting on both sports is by the points spread basis, NBA or betting on Basketball is more of a volumes game as the season has more fixtures than those in the Super bowl. This is possible due to the very nature of the game that involves more matches being played throughout the year.


But the fact that more games are played in NBA means that you have to spend a considerable amount of time looking at the handicaps of teams and players. Whereas the basketball schedule allows more opportunities for betting, it also means that one has to look closely at the rankings and standings of the teams every day. This makes the fact of getting the information up to date and the latest information is often at a premium.


Now, letís consider one simple fact: The NBA games are more predictable than their football counterparts and many attribute this to the fact that the shape of the ball and the weather are major factors in football whereas in NBA one need not have jitters about what the ball or the weather is going to do on a particular day. Though this may seem funny at first glance, it nonetheless is an important fact to consider when betting.


The next point to consider is that the number of players in football is more as compared to the number of players in basketball. Whereas the former has players in the range of 50 per team per match, one has to contend with only 10 players (allowing for substitutions and rotations) in basketball. This makes the betting on NBA games a lot more easier than those on the football.


As has been outlined, NFL games are not high scoring due to the very nature of the game. One can expect at the maximum some 10 scoring plays in the NFL games whereas the number of such plays is around 100 in a basketball game. Thus, one fluke can make a lot of difference to the football game whereas the same is more spread out in the NBA games. Thus betting on NBA is more statistically oriented rather than a chancy affair.


You need to have a focus on the team that you are placing a bet in the NBA on a daily basis. This involves patience and an attention for detail that eludes many experts as well. For a beginner, it is worth noting that NBA betting should be started on a low key basis and then graduate to the major games whereas for football, there is scope for beginners to play for big stakes right from the beginning. Thus, better start small and build it up.

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Aug 10, 2008, 00:03
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