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Jan 19th, 2011 - 21:48:14

Place Successful Bets in NFL Playoffs

For bookies all over the world, NFL Playoffs is one of the most exciting times of the year. NFL betting surpasses all other sports and the interest doesn’t wane till the Super Bowl. So, if you wish to make your betting efforts at NFL fructuous, you need to delve into some trends and facts that help you place smart bets.


Unlike the regular season, in NFL it is either a win or a drive back home. Here, the better team is always the one that wins. There have been instances when wild card teams have advanced in the playoffs to beat ‘better’ teams and win the Super Bowl. So, while placing your bets, look at the team’s recent run. If a team is peaking just before entering the playoffs, it is a profitable idea to bet on them even if they are touted as the underdogs. Sometimes, it can also be a team that has an excellent record or one that is regaining form.


Following some basic trends can help you while betting at the NFL playoffs. Usually, home teams are very strong straight up and they win nearly 70 percent of the time. Advancing to later stages, they hit close to 60 percent. You can also bet for Double-digit favorites in NFL playoffs. They hit over 65 percent of the time. During the regular season, it is a pretty good idea to bet against the public. However, this may not be the best tactic always. Crowd favorites do quite well against the spread most of the time. A trend that you might want to consider is that the winning team usually covers the spread, both in the regular season and the playoffs. So, if you want to back an underdog, you should also consider betting the money line. And this trend applies to the big game as well.


So, you have looked at the trends and have developed a fair idea of what works best in the playoffs. You have learnt some basic betting tactics. First of all, make sure you put a lot of thought into your bet when you wager for the home team. This applies to the favorite as well. Additionally, when you like an underdog, it is a good bet to play them on the money line. Now we come to totals in the NFL playoffs. It has been observed that when the playoffs roll around, the defenses tend to tighten up and games are usually low scoring. However, the Super Bowl is an exception to this rule, where the games tend to go aboard. You would remember the instance when New England’s two playoff games both slipped under the total like how the games against Tennessee and Indianapolis dropped below the posted numbers. Typically, the championship games are dominated by the defenses. This was observed last year in both the AFC and NFC games, which slipped under the posted totals.


There are a few other factors that could play an important role in NFL playoffs betting. Weather could be a key factor as these games are frequently played during winter. So, never forget to gather information on the weather and consider this factor before placing any bets. Another factor you must consider is player injuries. As the season advances, injuries tend to become more common. So check the latest injury reports before you place your wager. Another factor to be considered is line movement. Check this aspect before you make your bet.


A careful study of these factors and trends will definitely help you take smart decisions with regard to your bets. All the trends and the information about injuries, weather and line movement will help you make your bets more profitable.

By Craig
Jul 22, 2007, 23:25
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