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Here's a preview of Have a look and when you are ready to play, go to Getting Started for step-by-step instructions or just start downloading our free software now.

Main Lobby

The first area you arrive at, once you login to CoralPoker, is the Main Lobby. In the Main Lobby, you may select a game, join a table or view the action. If the table you wish to play at is full, you can join a waiting list. You can also go to the Cashier to deposit or withdraw money.

At the Main Lobby you'll see a general overview of all of our games via the "Live Games" tab and of all the Tournaments by clicking on the Tournaments tab. You may then choose your game between:

  • Hold'em
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 7 Card Stud
As part of the description of each table, you can view: The Stake limits at each table The number of players sitting at the tableThe number of players on the waiting list The average pot size over the last 20 hands Game Table

Here is a view of a game table where the action takes place.

You may choose to sit in any chair marked "Seat Open".

The information box by each player shows the player's name, amount of money they are playing, and the last action.

The total amount of the pot is always on display in the centre of the table.

The dealer button (Hold'em and Omaha) indicates the dealer. It will be a red button on your screen. The dealer button moves one player to the left before each new hand is dealt.

>Betting buttons

The betting function buttons appear when it's your turn to act. Depending on the options available to you on any particular turn, the appropriate combinations of Check, Call, Bet, Raise or Fold Options will appear.
To increase the pace of the game, we have provided a set of advanced options including "auto-post blind" and "muck losing hand". You can choose any of these options before it's your turn to act.
The Chat box is where the dealer's comments and all players' conversations are displayed. Various types of chats can be displayed.  

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