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VC Poker Online Casino

VCpoker short copy:

There's a poker player inside everyone. Let your's out at .
Sign up today for your 25% bonus.

VCpoker long copy:

Check out Victor Chandler Poker today and discover why poker's fast becoming the web's favourite game. You can play for free, or for as little or as much as you like with one of the largest ranges of tournaments that you'll find anywhere on the web. In fact, Victor Chandler Poker is the perfect place to discover just why the World's going poker mad.


High card  The highest ranked card is an Ace


Pair Any two cards of
the same rank, for example two Queens.


Two Pair Two sets of cards of the same rank,  two queens and two sixes.


Three of a kind Also called trips, this is where you have three cards of the same rank


Straight   Five cards in sequential rank order, for example 8, 9, 10, Jack Queen.


Flush  Five cards of the same suit, for example five diamonds.


Full house
A combination of a pair
and three of a kind.


Four of a kind      
 Four cards of the same rank, for example four Queens.


Straight Flush        
A straight (see above)
but with all the cards in the same suit


Royal Flush The daddy of all poker hands, a royal flush is a straight flush involving the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

VCpoker features:

- Practice your game and hone your skills on the play money tables.
- A huge choice of real money tables so you don't have to hang around for hours waiting to get a game.
- A wide range of table stakes to suit all players.
- One of the largest selections of tournaments anywhere on the web, with buy-ins ranging from $0.10 to $50.
- Because you're dealing directly with Victor Chandler, you can play safe in the knowledge that you're in a 100% fair and secure environment.
- State of the art yet cunningly simple software means you don't need to be a rocket scientist to play with VCpoker.
- Unparalleled 24/7 customer service to support you whenever you need it.
- Regular promotions, offers and competitions.

Victor Chandler copy:

The Victor Chandler Business and its associated companies, established in 1946 has grown to become one of the most dynamic bookmaking and gaming groups worldwide.

Headquarters in Gibraltar and with offices around the world, the Group offers international online and telephone sports betting opportunities and web-based gaming in 5 languages.

Customers range from those who enjoy a relatively small gamble to some of the biggest players in the world. The range of betting opportunities offered to them and the volume of bets taken daily is enormous and these are backed by the world's most sophisticated and comprehensive online operating system with a dedicated multilingual team of staff.


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