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Players Only Review

Being online since 1997, Players only has already taken over $8 billion in Sports and Casino Wagers. In 2001, it was acquired by a publicly-traded UK company, Sporting bet, for $204 million. The acquisition thus formed the world’s largest internet gaming company, giving Playersonly the added accountability to its customers.

Currently, the site processes over $100 million in wagers from its worldwide market, with thousands of winning wagers created daily for its client base of 900,000.

 Bonus Offers and Free Bets

The site’s most advertised promotion is the Money Tree Referral Program, wherein the site will pay the customer 0.5% of every dollar that his/her friend bets. Moreover, the customer will also be given 25% of whatever his/her friends make in referral money.

Other promotions vary across different major sports, and these could be as simple as a 10% cash bonus on initial deposits or as complicated as bonuses that depend on certain events in a game.

What makes the site’s promotions unique is its “Free Contests” program. These are fantasy contests, usually about the major US sports, wherein users don’t need to have balances in their accounts in order to participate. Prizes are in the form of cash, ranging from weekly prizes of hundreds and thousands of dollars to grand prizes worth $25,000 and above.

 How To Open an Account

Creating a Players only account is a breeze because only basic information needs to be inputted upon registration. Financial information is not asked, unlike other betting sites, because cash deposits aren’t necessary for an account to be created.

A player can deposit cash in his/her account using different methods, with credit card transactions being the most convenient. Though the whole site employs a “centralized wallet” system, the Casino and Sportsbook features uses a currency of V-chips, which need to be purchased on the site.

 Navigation and design

Having a wide selection of sports for customers to place a wager on, the list can be quite confusing. However, the site’s navigational tools could cause further confusion to anxious wagers. There are some links on the same page that have similar purposes, while advertisements and more links are scattered on the main page. Menus are supposed to organize links, but having three menus of different styles doesn’t justify their purpose. Ultimately, not all of the important functions can easily be found on the site, making it quite hard to scout for the best bets and accomplish transactions.

 Type of Bets Taken

There is a variety of wagers that can be made in the site, from ordinary game lines to the more complicated parlays. Here is a summarized list of sporting events covered by the site:

1.       American Football

2.       Baseball

3.       Basketball

4.       Boxing

5.       Canadian Football

6.       English Premier

7.       Formula 1

8.       Hockey

9.       Indy Races

10.   NASCAR Racing

11.   Other European Soccer Leagues

12.   Other South American Soccer Leagues

13.   Spanish Premier

14.   Tennis

15.   UEFA

 Betting information

Aside from Sports Lines, customers are also given the option to bet their money in the Casino or play Poker through a third-party provider. But bettors beware since these are automated gaming facilities.

 Customer Service’s customer care is quite impressive because aside from the usual 24/7 service via phone and e-mail (guaranteed response with 1-2 hours), there is also a 24/7 live chat facility called “Live Person”. You will also be able to track the progress of your queries and requests because of their ticketing system.


Having plenty and a variety of betting options, together with an easy-to-register account creation process, certainly justifies’s huge client base. However, it may entail quite an amount of patience and perseverance when navigating through the site, searching for the best bet while having to go into a signing-in spree. Enter the Playersonly Showgirls!

Rating: 86/100

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