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sports arbitrage
Sports Arbitrage is a  trading technique whereby exactly offsetting positions are taken in a market simultaneously but at different prices. The difference in price represents an immediate risk-free profit that is independent of the subsequent movement in price of the instruments traded. This technique has long been used in financial markets, which can be difficult for non-professionals to access. Profit for sports betting, wager, Riskless, Surebet, work from home, easy money, invest.

What is sports-arbitrage?

Numerous arbitrage situations, also referred to as surebets, scalps and risk free bets, are created everyday in sports-betting markets amongst the growing number of worldwide bookmakers in existence. These anomalies show up regularly & repeatedly.

*** The purpose of this site is to help you make money as a Sports-Arbitrage Trader ***

An example

A pre-season NFL match between Atlanta & Jacksonville gave us the following market-anomaly between William Hill & Gamebookers:


This arbitrage yields a profit of just over 6%, meaning that a correctly structured investment of 1000 would yield 63.22 of risk-free profit regardless of which team won the match

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How do I start?

Click here to sign up for the FREE Zero-Risk Trial. You will receive
  • A free 10-part arbitrage mini-course
  • A free subscription to the monthly arbitrage newsletter
  • A free arbitrage stakes-calculator


What's for sale on this site?

Tools to make your arbitrage processes more efficient and profitable and a software-driven arbitrage location service.

If you are only just learning about this technique, then don't buy anything right now. Use the zero-risk trial to judge the opportunity for yourself and decide whether this form of trading is suitable to you. Many of your questions will be answered within the FAQ.

However, if you want to speed up your learning & deepen your knowledge immediately, then you should download the full Sports-Arbitrage Course

If you are already experienced with arbitrage, you should consider using the BetAlerts service to leverage your time and significantly increase your profitability.

This special-value package combines 3 essential tools to get you started as a Sports-Arbitrage Trader
sports arbitrage
Sports Arbitrage Course
ArbSurfer Professional
BetAlerts 15-day Trial


The Guidebook

This e-book will teach you, in a clear, concise and easy to understand format, how to identify opportunities, where to find them and how to structure the bets. It also includes an easy-to-read odds conversion table, odds-conversion calculator and an arbitrage stakes calculator

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This set of spreadsheets enables ultra-efficient manual hunting of arbitrage opportunities
  • Allows you to scan, record & analyze prices from multiple bookmakers in multiple events in multiple tournaments (requires manual input of price data)
  • Provides indicators which let you know when a particular event is approaching arbitrage status
  • Provides indicators which differentiate between mediocre opportunities and good opportunities
  • Provides instant 3-way conversion between UK, Euro & US-style odds
  • Provides a complete market overview of any tournament you analyse
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ArbSurfer Professional

This browser has been developed specifically to address the needs of the Sports-Arbitrage Trader

ArbSurfer is a powerful browser which uses services provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer to render and navigate websites. The software has many Advanced Browsing Capabilities which make it an ideal tool for the Sports-Arbitrage Trader.

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BetAlerts - 15-day trial (plus FREE SMS notification)

Our software delivers arbs to your desktop via email the very instant that they are uncovered.
This is the most effective arbitrage-location solution available

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This offer has a genuine, tangible value because it is likely that you will receive 500 to 1500 arbitrage opportunities during the course of the 15 days. How much you make on each opportunity will depend on how much you decide to stake; a modest outlay of 200 in a single opportunity will yield, on average, about 5 of risk-free profit.

Click here to see a regularly updated log of past results.

sports arbitrage





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