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Bet Hi Low Review

A simply designed betting site that goes directly straight to business. This is what best describes this site, simple in every aspect and flexible since the betting is done through a certain range and not just immediate figures, or in their own description, spread sheet betting. Their methodology is reverse, making the ones on the other side the ones to determine what odds there are and are not being spoon fed the information needed to play properly. Thrilling as it may seem this may not sit well with some parties in the sense that not most people enjoy thrills especially if money is on the table for them to spend and not to work for.

 Bonus Offers and Free Bets

This site is loaded with various features that will catch the fancy of most veteran online players. Among them, the 0-0 cash back applies to players going on high betting sprees and limited to only one player per game, the Formula F1 Promotion, Refer-a-Friend program wherein referring parties will get a potential £50.00 on any live membership premier game, 2 ashes promotions, £25.00 for opening an account and placing at least 3 £5.00 bets, and the summer essentials and York promotions among others.

 How To Open an Account

The typical registration forms, choosing their desired usernames and passwords are what largely compose the whole sign up process of players. A three (3) step process where in the personal identification, contact details and finally bank details, are among the initial requirements needed to be able to join up with the site and start playing.

 Navigation and design

Simple and typical design and navigation through the site. The initial screen will show the various games and matches that the site caters to. Not much to say bout the design, since its main focus is to buckle down to work and provide the necessary online-services due towards the patronizing browsers.

 Type of Bets Taken

The events available for betting on this site include the following:

  • American Football

  • Baseball

  • Cricket

  • Cricket (TV)

  • Dog Racing

  • Golf

  • Horse Racing

  • Motor Racing

  • Rugby League

  • Snooker

  • Soccer

  • Special Events as developed

  • Tennis

 Betting information

The only currency that the site caters to is the English Currency.

 Customer Service

Customer service is available either by email or free phone from the UK as with the other sites. A simple help portion is available for basic issues and problems that customer may face. This portion aim to answer all the necessary standard problems that are expected to crop up, leaving the more complicated issues to the e-mail and phone groups.


BetHiLo offers a different approach on online-betting. Their different approach, that of which is the spread sheet betting differs it from the other usual betting sites. With its vast line up of events, it is sure to attract a lot of potential players. However, due to its only available currency, the English Currency, this may prove to be a standing obstacle for some hard core and veteran online players. Plain and getting down to business is what this site’s impression would initially provide and it would not be surprising if one day that this site will apply a total overhaul and facelift of its current structure and design.

Total Score: 80/100

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