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Gamebookers Review is a site that provides online betting on various events. It is a licensed international betting group that gives it bettors a variety of betting options while having the best odds possible.

 Bonus Offers and Free Bets

Game bookers has a lot of promos to offer its bettors, from the Silver/Gold Membership offers to the Referral Program. The Silver/Gold Membership gives the bettors higher cash back on each bet. Other than these, it also has other special betting gimmicks such as the Combo Refund and the Weekly 100% Book.

 How To Open an Account

It wonít take a genius to be able to register successfully at Game bookers. Opening an account takes only four steps to do and the last step, which would give the user the option to enter credit card details, is not really a requirement and can be skipped. During the registration process, you will be asked to enter a username of choice and other basic details such as the name and an existing email address.

 Navigation and design

The design of the site is really straightforward with nothing fancy that can confuse its visitors. The links on the left side of the screen contains a list of sporting events that users can bet on. And when one gets lost anywhere in the site, there is always the option of clicking the upper left corner of the page and return to home. The search function will always be useful to those first time bettors.

Probably the only flaw of the site is that the texts are a little small. Other than that, clicking your way around the site wont be much of a problem.

 Type of Bets Taken

Among the sports that are included in Gamebookers.comís list are:

  • AFL

  • American Football

  • Athletics

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Boxing

  • Cricket

  • Cycling

  • Darts

  • Golf

  • Horse Racing

  • Hockey

  • Motor Sports

  • Rugby

  • Snooker & Pool

  • Soccer

  • Tennis

Though may seem to be a pure online sports betting site, think again. Entering the Specials section will show you that the site accepts bets for almost any competition that exists in any part of the world. Bettors can stake their bets on any of these competitions which may include some categories in the Emmy Awards, the US Presidential Elections and the next captain of Austria.

 Betting information

Minimum bets or stake as the site calls it would depend on the currency being used. For EUR and USD, the minimum stake is 0.1. The minimum deposit is 5 EUR. The maximum bets would depend on the event one would want to bet on. To know the maximum stake possible for an event, clicking the Show Max link that can be seen while placing a bet will display the maximum possible stake.

 Customer Service

The online Help found in the site is already a good guide for new users of the site. Other than giving information on how to get started, the Help also provides information on the terminologies and other betting basics that would be of good use especially to first time bettors. The site also provides email addresses and phone numbers should there be other inquiries or problems that the online Help did not address.


Overall, is a good online betting place for any gambler. It has a variety of sporting events to choose from at the same time has offers that can really interest its bettors.

Total Score: 80/100

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