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Ladbrokes Review

An online gaming site that has broadened the modes of probable payment settlements and at the same time presenting various betting events, Ladbrokes makes online-betting a simple yet enjoyable past time for all veteran online- betting individuals. Ladbrokes provides a more daring approach, providing odds but not as discrete from other sites creating a more challenging atmosphere for the veteran players.

 Bonus Offers and Free Bets

Ladbrokes does not immediately offer freebies towards new accounts. Free rewards or tokens are given on selected events and this can be checked occasional by registered patrons only through their individual accounts.

 How To Open an Account

New accounts follow the usual same process, desired username, password, and the usual necessary information to complete the standard information sheet needed by any operating site. Added features include provisions on the frequency for displaying odds, and the frequency to which the signed up clients would want to be informed of up to date news and marketing.

 Navigation and design

The design for the site leaves an initial impression of complexity. Normal users would not know what menu options to use first, being blindsided by the various menu bars and drop-down menus. An average browsing prospect will take some time before immediately signing up, or in cases of returning players, be at a loss on which event they should bet and play on. Lastly, the presence of such plenty features may be one more cause for the delays on the screen loading of the site.

 Type of Bets Taken

The site caters to online betting on different events such as:

1        Horse races

2        Greyhounds

3        Football

4        Sports Events as Golf, Cricket, Tennis

5        Special Events as Politics

6        Poker

7        Casinos

8        Interactive Games

9        Lotto

10   Financials


 Betting information

Ladbrokes caters to the following currency denominations to allow players flexible currency bets, doing away with having to convert their money to required currency figures.

1     Australian Dollar

2     Canadian Dollar

3     Danish Kroner

4     Euros

5     Hongkong Dollars

6     New Zealand Dollars

7     Norwegian Kroner

8     Singapore Dollars

9     South African Rand

10   Swiss Francs

11   Swedish Kronor

12   US Dollars

13   Japanese Yen

 Customer Service

As a means to ensure that all problems or issues concerning the mechanics or actual game play of the site, the Live Help feature on the site makes it convenient for the players to interactively voice out their concerns and get immediate feedback and action.

To further add other means of providing assistance, Ladbrokes also provides Customer Service access numbers, and email support to exhaust all means of making it easier for patrons to air their immediate concerns 24/7.


Ladbrokes is a site artistically designed to catch the eye of the people browsing the web and providing their continued patrons reliable and eye catching events.

Total Score 80/100

 Contact information
Legal name:  Ladbrokes International Ltd
Brand name:
Address:  PO Box 150
Suites 6-8 5th Floor
Country:  Gibraltar
+350 45396
On-line chat:  No
 Betting information
Minimum matches required:  Singles
Minimum bet:  1.0 GBP
Maximum bet:  5000 GBP
Maximum winnings:  100000 GBP Per bet
Ways to place a bet:  Internet, telephone, television, physical stores
Odds format:  European style (for example odds= 3.75)
US Style (for example odds= +275)
Payback percentage for unsettled (drawn) bets: 
Asian Handicap:    95%
 Transaction information
Deposit options:  Credit card, Debit card, bank cheque, cheque sent by mail, bank wire
Creditcards accepted:  Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa
Debitcards accepted:  Solo, Switch, Delta
Transfer fees, deposits: 
Bank cheque:  Varies
Credit card:  No fees
Debit card:  No fees
Cheque sent by mail:  Varies
Bank wire:  Varies
Minimum deposit amount:  10 GBP
Withdrawal options:  Credit card, bank wire
Transfer fees, withdrawals: 
Credit card:  No fees
Bank wire:  Varies
Account currencies:  AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, HKD, JPY, NZD, SEK, SGD, THB, USD, ZAR
Tax:  None
Languages supported:  English, Danish, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Norwegian, Chinese, Finnish, Thai, Cantonese
Secured website:  Yes

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