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Sky Bet Review

As if being the most successful digital broadcaster in the nation is not enough, Sky is now taking over the world of betting. Sky Bet offers instant-only betting, unlike other bookies that offer betting over the phone as well, and maintains fair odds.

 Bonus Offers and Free Bets

For new users, you will be able to get a ₤20 bonus when you sign up and deposit ₤20 into your account as well. You will also have to place ₤100 worth of bets in order to avail of the bonus. This may seem such a measly amount, especially when compared to other online bookies, but the wager requirement is only four times that of the bonus, which cannot be found elsewhere. Yet another promo that you can avail of is the Happy Hour competition. When you play during the allotted Happy Hour, you will then be entered into a different draw, with ₤50 worth of prizes.

 How To Open an Account

Only people 18 years old and above are allowed to open an account with Sky Bet. All payouts are given via a debit card, through Switch, Solo, Delta, Electron, or Laser, or a credit card, either Mastercard or Visa. You will be asked to choose the username and password of your choice.

 Navigation and design

A major setback of Sky Bet is its instant-only style of betting. It makes use of Wager Works software, hence, it can only use the instant-only style. Because of this, downloading games takes quite a long while, and makes the game discouraging to play compared to other online casinos. Other setbacks include minimal player control, as you canít simply use your mouseís right click function to remove your bets, and the graphics and sounds are quite mediocre.

 Type of Bets Taken

Sky Bet accepts bets on the following sports/events:

        Horse Racing

        Greyhound Racing

        Football (payouts for Australian Football differ from other countries)





        Ice Hockey







        Formula One, World Rally Championship


        Ante, Post, and Sports Betting

        Non-sporting events (e.g. Political events)

 Betting information

Minimum deposit on account: ₤10 or currency equivalent
Minimum Sports bet: 5p or currency equivalent
Maximum bet amount: depends on sport/event
Payouts are given back to your account.
Payouts are as follows:

Horse racing:
UK and Ireland: ₤250,000
Other countries: ₤25,000

Greyhound racing:
BAGS/BEGS meetings: ₤25,000

Sky Betís offer on French roulette bets means half of your wager on even money when a zero comes out. This brings the house advantage down to 1.35%, which is good news to novice betters and players.

 Customer Service

Sky Betís customer service is somewhat of a letdown, especially after learning that their customer support does not have toll-free call centers. It is the only online bookie to not have a freephone customer service support number.


With the wide array of sports and events you can bet on, Sky Bet is worth trying, even with its setback in customer service.


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