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Sporting Bet USA Review

This gambling site caters to both fun and reality. Complete but over decorated in its initial loading page, making it a bit complicated for first time users to get a grasp of where to play, not to mention the inconsistency of the menus when the shift from one page to another. Gambling tips that are located on the initial page, demo sportsbooks and tutorials on how to wager are a big plus, especially for first time online gambling enthusiasts. The live feeds of ongoing wagers and events makes it curious for the players to check on them and entice them to try their luck on other sports or casino events. The payoffs and odds  and limits feature allows players to study and use it as a guide in making their individual bets.
 Bonus Offers and Free Bets

The site offers one free $10 bets every week, a 5% reload bonus with NETELLER, baseball promotions such as players getting their money back in cases of no hitters, player performance paybacks from selected players on the events roster of the site, Juice Fridays where all the odds are run at half the price, and the refer a friend promo where they can earn up to $150 cash once they get hooked up among others.
 How To Open an Account

Signing up with the site is easy, no immediate credit card requirements needed to allow the players to initially get a feel of the games that the site offers. New visitors can play for fun and go through the mechanics first before really playing for real money.
 Navigation and design

Navigation through the site may be a bit complicated at first glance, probably because the sections, even if properly designed, are overshadowed by the various banners placed on the site. Too much text on some boxes make it heavy at first glance and the site obviously is focusing on enticing visitors to join initially and build on their database. While the events may be plenty, the strategy that they are pertaining to at the moment is to concentrate on getting new players to join the site and endorse the events, but may not recruit the actual veterans who make bold bets and who are already accustomed to such game play.
 Type of Bets Taken

The site has a wide variety of events for people to choose from. Among them are:

  • Football
  • MLB
  • Hoops
  • Auto
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • NHL
  • Horse Racing
  • Poker
  • Baseball
 Betting information

US Dollars
 Customer Service

A very glaring help function that the site offers is the online chatting of customer service representatives in real time with the players. This helps a lot so that their concerns can be immediately addressed. No hassles and their concerns can be immediately addressed. To support this, they also have the usual toll free numbers and corresponding e-mail addresses to act as alternatives for customer concerns.

The site offers a wide variety of features not found in the other gambline sites. However, the layout and design of the site is quite confusing at first and may discourage first time users. Add to this the inconsistency of the menu transitions from one page to another, this is bound to serve as a setback. The main focus of the site is to recruit new players as can be seen to the obvious join now in almost every page. Another notable aspect is the limitation of the currency to the US dollar. Although this may not serve as an issue for some veteran players, it limits the flexibility of the players to use their own currency, not having to convert their money to the recognized currency that the site allows.

Total Score: 82/100
 Contact information
Legal name:
Brand name:  SportingbetUSA
Address:  Equus Building 5th floor
San Pedro, San Jose
Country:  Costa Rica
On-line chat:  Yes
 Betting information
Minimum matches required:  Singles
Minimum bet:  6.0 USD
Maximum bet:  Varies
Maximum winnings:  250000 USD Per bet
Ways to place a bet:  Internet, telephone
Odds format:  US Style (for example odds = +275)
 Transaction information
Deposit options:  Credit card, cheque sent by mail, Paypal, Western Union, bank wire
Creditcards accepted:  Mastercard, Visa
Transfer fees, deposits: 
Credit card:  No fees
Cheque sent by mail:  No fees
Paypal:  No fees
Western Union:   
Bank wire:  Varies
Minimum deposit amount:  No minimum
Withdrawal options:  Credit card, cheque sent by mail, Paypal, Western Union
Transfer fees, withdrawals: 
Credit card:  No fees
Cheque sent by mail:  Varies
Paypal:  No fees
Western Union:  Customer pays own fees
Account currencies:  USD
Tax None

Languages supported: 

Secured website:  No

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