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Sporting Index Review

Having annexed an estimated 70% of UK’s sports spread betting market, the London-based Sporting Index has been relying on its innovative features to maintain its reputation as one of the world leaders in its field.

Sporting Index was founded in 1992 and started with only 5 staff members and 50 clients, a far cry from the estimated 100 staff members and 40,000 clients that it currently has. In 2000, the company launched its website, which is now handling 70% of Sporting Index’s overall transactions.

Sporting Index also boasts of a mobile betting application called “Bet on the Move”, as well as a Cable TV-based facility that enables clients to place bets interactively as the game unfolds.
 Bonus Offers and Free Bets

The site offers a wide variety of promotions with some coming out on a seasonal basis. Take their “Summer Essentials” campaign for example, where free bets are given as incentives. The site also has other promotions on a per-sport basis. These usually run on specific and different conditions, with incentives ranging from bonus handicaps on the spread to refunds on losing bets. Certain conditional bonuses are also in store for newly-opened accounts and for those with referrals.

However, before acting on any of these offers, it will be wise to first review its specifics and the terms and conditions usually found on the same page as that of the promotion.
 How To Open an Account

Creating a Sporting Index account is as easy registering a free email account because only two steps are involved. A noticeable feature is that there is an option to make a “Stop Loss/Stop Win” account, which involves lower risks and lower returns.

The registration form, however, requires a lot of financial information to be keyed in. So, brace yourselves!
 Navigation and design

Placing bets aren’t that complicated since all the sporting events with live bets can be accessed on the left-hand menu of any page. And despite the many features of the site, links aren’t flying around the pages due to a well-organized drop-down menu. The site also provides users with detailed explanations for some of its features, but at times, it may seem that a magnifying lens is needed in order to view these.
 Type of Bets Taken

The main choices for spread betting on the site’s menu are:


1.   American Football

2.   Baseball

3.   Cricket

4.   Cricket (TV)

5.   Motor Racing

6.   Rugby League

7.   Soccer - Euro (Season)

8.   Soccer - International

9.   Soccer - International (TV)

10. Soccer - UK

11. Soccer - UK (Season)

12. Soccer - UK (TV)

13. Tennis


However, Sporting Index also offers spread betting, though only on occasion, for other sports such as Basketball, Boxing, Horse Racing, Pool, etc. And interestingly, the site also covers bets for non-traditional endeavors such as Politics and Weekend Specials.
 Betting information

Betting on a spread means that you can only “Go High” (Buy) or “Go Low” (Sell) on a given spread. The “How to Spread Bet” section of the site, along with the Glossary of Terms (found on the “Help” page of the “Play for Fun” section), contributes in the user education of what spread betting is.

It is important to note that the site only supports spread betting, and applies it to the different facets of a sport 
 Customer Service

Aside from a very comprehensive Help section, technical support is provided by phone, post, or e-mail (response within 1 hour) during office hours from 9am-8pm (UK Time). Customers in the UK have more advantage since they can call the free-phone help line.

With a lot of features and information all over the site, Sporting Index website has taken spread betting to a whole new level. With a lot of disclaimers and notices in its Help section, the site also aims for its users to become responsible bettors. However, the overall value of the site still doesn’t discount the high-risk nature of spread betting.

Rating: 90/100
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