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  • Sporting Options
    Latest addition to the betting exchange market, but they already have a good liquidity of betting. They have learned a lot from the other betting exchanges and functionality is similar to that of Betfair. They also offer a couple of extra features  Multi-Lay and Multi-Back see site for details. Their commission rates vary from 1 - 3 % depending on turnover.
Ten Reasons to Use Sporting Options Click here to bet

1.Better Odds:

Sporting Options offers an exchange betting facility where clients of the exchange place and match bets with each other anonymously. Clients may take the best available odds on the exchange for their bet or can request better odds. Such a market system effectively generates much better odds for clients than conventional bookmakers can offer.

2.Ability to Lay:

Sporting Options allows clients to offer their own odds on selections not winning an event. This process known as ‘laying’ has traditionally been the preserve of the bookmaker but through our advanced software you can ‘lay’ your own prices against events occurring. An exchange system is particularly useful in ‘laying’ prices on a horserace, as the client is only required to have enough money in his account to cover his worst-case exposure and yet he may actually ‘lay’ several horses in a race.

3. In-Running Betting:

Sporting Options will frequently offer ‘In-Running’ betting markets on horseracing and all other live televised events. During such markets you will be able to bet on the changing fortunes of your choice throughout the event. Such markets will be indicated by the 'running-man' graphic. In-Running betting markets are very exciting and can fluctuate dramatically so the speed of placing your bet will be important. Sporting Options is the first company to offer ‘In-Running’ betting whether a race will be won by more or less than a certain distance.

4. Competitive Rate of Commission:

Sporting Options will charge either 3%, 2% or 1% commission depending on the client’s betting turnover. Commission is only charged on a client’s net winnings on an individual betting market. If the client is a net loser on a market then he pays nothing.

5. Multi-Lay:

Sporting Options has a ‘Multi-Lay' feature that allows you to ‘lay’ multiple bets in a single process. To use this facility you would select your maximum payout and your odds for each selection in a betting market. 'Multi-Lay' will automatically calculate the various backers stakes you would need to ‘lay’ in order to achieve a proportionate set of prices. The system also calculates the guaranteed percentage return associated with your chosen prices. Please see the ‘Betting Help’ for a more detailed description of Multi-Lay.

6. Easy to Use Betting Templates and Accounts:

Sporting Options has taken great care in designing a highly functional and intuitive system for viewing and placing bets. Unique features include a sophisticated point-click
Odds Ladder and Add to Stake cash buttons that make the placing and amending of bets easy, fast and simple. Sporting Options users can see the status of all of their bets and their profit and loss for each selection in an event on the main betting template page. Also, you are able to monitor your betting performance through clear, concise and well-presented accounts.

7. Liquidity:

Betting ‘liquidity’ or betting volume is vital to the success of a betting exchange. Sporting Options has carried out months of negotiations with several key groups of liquidity providers. These groups include numerous independent bookmakers both on and off-course, several on-line bookmakers, and many former City of London colleagues who enjoy trading sporting and financial markets on a regular basis.

8. Large Limits:

Conventional bookmakers tend to only offer their prices on eventualities in a limited size to their clients. The Sporting Options exchange allows users to place bets of a much greater size than an individual bookmaker will usually take. This is because the risk associated with a very large bet is collectively borne or shared between potentially hundreds of other exchange members.

9. Efficient Bet Trading:

With the Sporting Options betting market system it has become possible to trade bets quickly and efficiently. A user can back a selection at long odds in the hope of laying that selection at shorter odds in the future. Sporting Options charges only on the net winnings from all of the bets in a single betting market so trading bets can be very lucrative for the well-informed betting enthusiast.

10. Telephone Service:

Sporting Options now offer telephone based betting during horse racing hours. The minimum stake is £100.


Sporting Options
an Exchange for the Better

Sporting Options is a person-to-person betting exchange, this means that the website acts as a brokerage between different punters. The Sporting Options website allows its users to place bets on national and international sporting events as well as global financial markets.

Bets are placed and matched by punters using the Sporting Options betting templates. The company’s advanced accounting system ensures that no bet can be placed that cannot be honoured as all holding all bet stakes and liabilities are held in a ringfenced segregated clients account. When a bet is settled the accounts system returns the winnings to the appropriate users. For the use of its services Sporting Options charges a small commission fee on only a member’s net winnings for that betting market. No commission is charged if a client has a net loss on an individual betting market.

The aim of Sporting Options is to become the best value betting exchange in the UK. Using leading technology, dedicated customer services and strict cost controls we hope to achieve this goal.


Who are Sporting Options?

Sporting Options is the trading name for Sporting Options plc. The company was established in November 2000 by two former derivative traders who wanted to further develop their ideas about the growing betting exchange market. Their vision was to create a low cost and intuitive trading platform for placing and matching bets. After over 16 months of research into the gambling industry they have developed the sophisticated Sporting Options betting exchange website.

Sporting Options plc is registered as a public limited company in England and Wales (Company Number 4112753).

The registered office of Sporting Options plc is:


Maria House
35 Millers Road


Commission Rate Explained

Sporting Options commission structure is a sliding scale based on the general principal of the more you bet the lower rate of commission you attain.

Users are awarded points each time they bet. Commission Points are earned based on your net profit or loss per betting market. Clients gain 1 point per £25 profit or loss. For example if you win £300 on a market, you will gain 12 commission points. If you lose £50 on another market you will gain another 2 points.

The more points you accrue the lower your commission rate becomes. Your commission rate is set on Sunday evenings for the next week. Commission levels
are not set solely from the previous weeks turnover. Instead they are based on your entire turnover on Sporting Options. Your commission points total erodes at a rate of 15% per week thus points for the current week carry more weight than points from previous weeks.

Importantly if you decide not to place a bet with Sporting Options during a week you will suffer no erosion of points and your commission rate will remain unchanged.

Commission will be charged at the prevailing rate for a user at the time of settlement and not at the time when the bet was placed.

Below is a table with Sporting Options commission rate bands.












































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