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The Greek Sportsbook Review is one of the most advance online sportsbooks on the net.  They consistently rated as on of the top online sportsbooks by players all over the world.  Olympic sports ( offer every player legal and safe wagers on their favourite sporting events. They offer wagers on spreads, totals, moneylines, team totals, pucklines, 1st yeart, 1st half, half-time, futures props and others.

 Bonus Offers and Free Bets

Olympic Sports ( offer promotional credits or bonuses that can only be used for sportsbook wagering purposes.  These have no cash value until four times the original amount deposited has been placed on wagers.  The maximum bonus amount one can get per calendar month is $250 USD.  And only accounts that are eligible for bonuses are those that have made no withdrawals within the previous 30 days.  And these bonuses are only given to recreational players.

Sometimes, they provide new members or sign-ups with some sign-up bonus with any payment method.  This is normally posted in their site.

 How To Open an Account

There are no membership fees or hidden costs with Olympic Sprots.  There are two ways to open an account with Olympic Sports.  The first method is over the phone wherein you call a toll free number and a Sport Account Manager will guide you through opening your Secured Personal Account with a minimum fee of $100.00.  You have to go online though to activate your account so you can start placing your bets.  The second method is done over the internet. Simply sign-up through the online application and it will guide you through opening your own personal account.  You will need to make your initial deposit using their secured credit card deposit pages and some other deposit methods over the phone.  This will then provide you with your personal account number via e-mail.

As part of the promise of Olympic Sports, there will be full confidentiality on all the information that you submit.  The personal account number will allow you to wager confidentially with Olympic Sports.  

For those who are just visiting the site and are curious to view, they can easily do this.  There are features which allows gives them a better understanding on how the whole system works.

 Navigation and design

This website is very straight-forward.  There are no hi-tech flash banners, or pop-ups.  Itís very simple actually, All the information you need to know is right there in front of the screen.  Itís very easy to browse through. 

 Type of Bets Taken offers any enthusiasts to place their bets in any preferred wagering method.  They can bet on any of the following:  basketball, football, baseball, hockey, rugby, horses, golf, soccer, tennis, boxing, motor-racing, cricket and other events.  Listed below are the types of bets that they offer.

  • Straight Bets

  • Money Lines

  • Spread, Runline, Puckline

  • Game Totals

  • Team Totals

  • Buying Points/Moving the Line

  • Parlays

  • Teasers

  • Round Robins *

  • If Bets

  • Action Points/Bets *

  • Action Reverse *

  • Action Reverse Bird Cage *

  • Future Wagering

  • Quarter/Period Wagering

  • First Half Wagering

  • Second Half Wagering

  • Propositions

  • Open Parlay & Teasers *

  • Horse Win/Place/Show

  • Horse Exotics

 Betting information

There are 2 forms of betting with 

Via Phone

Customer must give their Personal Account Number and initials before any wager is made.  The conversations are recorded which helps when there are discrepancies that occur.  After the wager is placed it is then entered into the computer by the sports operator and the customer waits for the final read back.  Once this is confirmed by providing the Personal Account Number, the call is then terminated. 

Via Internet

The customer log on using the Personal Account Number and password before any wager is made.  Every wager must be confirmed using the Customers wagering initials.  If this is not confirmed no wager may be entered to this account.  The customer must then review the wager made after each play or before logging on to make sure that all bets are accurate. 

It must be noted though that each person is only allowed one (1) account and that reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager. 

 Customer Service

If there are any inquiries or concerns regarding, your personal account or any wagers made, has worldwide toll-free customer service numbers.  And these are all open 24 hours a day 7 times a week.


Definitely, is a very organized site for online sports enthusiasts.  Itís very informative and easy to browse through.  The details are very simple and easy to understand plus it is very convenient because they provide you with choices.  In addition to this, if you plan to place a wager you are assured of the confidentiality and safety that they provide.  Itís a very worry-free site.  Moreover, there are no irritating pop-ups or flash banners that slows down your ability to place a wager.  Total score 97/100.




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