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At Olympic Sports, we offer a legal, secure and confidential sports wagering service that caters to every player. It does not matter if you wager $10 or $20,000 per game, we have a special toll-free line just for you. Every player receives the same high level of service from our 150 professional staf

Olympic Sports Sports Guide




Olympic Sports Sports Guide


Win or Show


  • We offer odds for a golfer to win or show (show = 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th) in a tournament. If the golfer does not tee off to start the tournament, the wager will be "No Action" or "Push/Cancel" and all money will be refunded.
  • In the event of a tie, odds are paid proportionally. This is determined by taking the odds for the wager and adding 1 for the stake. The result is divided by the number of golfers involved in the tie, and then multiplied by the number of winning positions occupied.
      ie: If 3 golf contestants tie for 4th in a tournament the payout would be (1 + odds) divided by 3 [number of contestants tied for 4th] multiplied by 1 [number of winning positions occupied - 4th place only].
      ie: If 3 golf contestants tie for 3rd in a tournament the payout would be (1 + odds) divided by 3 [number of contestants tied for 3rd] multiplied by 2 [number of winning positions occupied - 3rd and 4th positions].
  • If a tournament does not go the scheduled number of holes (usually 72), and PGA officials agree to shorten it, wagers are still valid.

Wagering on match-ups between golfers

  • The winner of the match-ups will be decided by which golfer ends up with the lowest score having played equal rounds. Both golfers must tee off in the tournament or the wager will be "No Action" or "Push/Cancel" and all money will be refunded. If one of the golfers misses the cut, withdraws, or is disqualified during the tournament, the opposing golfer wins the match-up.
  • Often match-ups are updated after each round. These new odds will be for the entire remainder of the tournament including the possible event of a playoff.

Golf Rules

  • Golf Prices (Matchups, Win, and Show) will be updated daily for each tournament whenever possible. All prices will reflect the entire tournament and not the daily events.
  • Las Vegas Rules apply for any rules not mentioned here.
Other Events / Notes


  • Payouts are based on the official declared result given by the governing bodies.
  • In the event a match is abandoned or postponed, all bets are void and wagers refunded.
  • In the case of a drawn match, all bets at the moneyline will be void, and money refunded. Bets made at the line will stand.


  • Betting is on an "all-in" basis. (No refunds for non-starters)
  • Payouts are based on the "podium positions."
  • If an event is postponed, and rescheduled to occur within 48 hours of the original start time, all bets will stand. If rescheduled for more than 48 hours later, all single bets will be void and wagers refunded, while affected multiple bets will be recalculated excluding that leg.

Movie Propositions

  • Three day weekend refers to Friday/Saturday/Sunday.
  • Four day weekend refers to Friday/Saturday/Sunday and Holiday Monday.
  • All movies must be shown in at least one thousand (1,000) theatres (USA and Canada) for action. If the movie(s) are not shown in one thousand (1,000) theatres, then the contest will be graded as no action and all money will be refunded.
  • The official results are those of Neilsen Entertainment, and are posted on Monday for a three day weekend, and Tuesday for a four day weekend at


  • "All-In" Betting is a term that means once you place your bet it will stand regardless of whether your team or selection plays or not. This condition will generally apply to "win the competition" or "win the tournament" type events.
  • *All futures are regarded as "all-in" betting - no refunds are given in the case an individual or team withdraws from such event.
  • Unless otherwise specified, events must take place within two weeks of the date specified for the event. If the event is postponed beyond that time for any reason, then the contest will be declared no action and all bets will be refunded.
  • The official result as declared by the sports governing body is used to decide bets on sports not mentioned in this guide.


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