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VC Bet Review is a betting website that offers online betting in all aspect, real, virtual and mobile.  At first glance though looks very redundant, but after looking in itís very organized and to the point.  In all aspects a very straightforward betting website with added features.

 Bonus Offers and Free Bets

As far as bonuses and promotions go doesnít offer anything out of the ordinary aside from the new member incentives, bonuses for big winners and for people who use their affiliate services.  

 How To Open an Account

Opening an account on is fairly straightforward. You can choose any available user name and secure it with a password. Conveniently, you can also assign a Security Question to your account in case you forget your password in the future. 

 Navigation and design

Overall design for the design gives you the feeling that they fell short of extravagant.  Menus are a bit all over the place and some details such as the affiliate tend to be looked over.  In short it looks like a search engine site without a search engine.  On the other hand once you get around to looking it over the links are very specific and each sub site holds its own with regards to important information and how to go about your tasks.

 Type of Bets Taken

From the Sports Section

  • Cricket

  • Dogs

  • Football

  • Horse Racing

  • NFL

  • Rugby League

  • Rugby Union

  • Tennis

  • Athletics

  • Gaelic Games

  • Ice Hockey

  • Miscellaneous

  • Politics

 Betting information

The minimum stake per single bet is £1 (or currency equivalent). For a multiple bet the minimum unit stake is £0.05 (or currency equivalent) and the maximum online pay out is £100,000 per customer per day.

Victor Chandler also has one of the most comprehensive, live, "in-run" betting service available anywhere. Now one can bet on every twist and turn of the live game as the action unfolds. 

A range of different bets and prices will be available during the course of each match and these will be constantly updated to reflect the game situation. An intuitive service allows you to place £1, £2, £5, £10 or £20 bets quickly, allowing you to sit back, follow the match and use a combination of skill, luck and judgment to place winning bets as the game progresses.

 Customer Service

Aside from a Help page and a FAQ site.  VCBet.comís customer support  is basically through e-mail and a service number.   


 Verdict looks like it offers prestige and service, and while the service part might be true, it doesnít offer anything out of the ordinary.  It took a while to navigate and once you do get around to it, you wonder why you did it.  Saving grace?  The website offers mobile updates which is the best part of the whole site.  

Total score 60/100

 Contact information
Legal name:  Victor Chandler International
Brand name:  Victor Chandler
Address:  Victor Chandler International
Chandler House
Leanse Place
50 Town Range
Country:  Gibraltar
On-line chat:  No
 Promotional Offers 50% Cash back on their first bet on-line
Victor Chandler offers: 50% Cash back on their first bet on-line.Place your first bet containing at least one selection with odds of Evens or better on your new Victor Chandler online account within 30 days and we will credit your account with half the stake of that first bet, subject to the maximum Cashback amount. Maximum Cashback amount is Pound Sterling £50 or equal amount in other currencies.
 Betting information
Minimum matches required:  Singles
Minimum bet:  1.0 GBP
Maximum bet:  No maximum
Maximum winnings:  100000 GBP Per bet
Ways to place a bet:  Internet, telephone
Odds format:  European style (for example odds = 3.75)
UK Style (for example odds = 11/4)
 Transaction information
Deposit options:  Credit card, Debit card, cheque sent by mail, bank wire
Creditcards accepted:  Mastercard, Visa
Debitcards accepted:  Solo, Switch, Delta
Transfer fees, deposits: 
Credit card:  Customer pays own fees
Debit card:  Customer pays own fees
Cheque sent by mail:  Customer pays own fees
Bank wire:  Customer pays own fees
Minimum deposit amount:  10 GBP
Withdrawal options:  Credit card, cheque sent by mail, bank wire
Transfer fees, withdrawals: 
Credit card:  Customer pays own fees
Cheque sent by mail:  No fees
Bank wire:  No fees
Account currencies:  CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, SGD, USD
Tax:  None

Languages supported: 

Cantonese, English, Greek, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish
Secured website:  Yes

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